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All you need to know about how to use vanilla beans

If you are wondering how to use a vanilla bean, you can keep reading and find out.

First of all, open the pod if you want to use the seeds. If you plan to use the vanilla bean in cake or cookie batter, you will need to break it open and remove the seeds. You will then add them to the batter to infuse it with the natural vanilla flavor. At Vanela Organics, we count with a detailed list of the best vanilla beans for sale.

To open the pod, put it on a cutting board. Put the curved end of the chainstay towards the top side of the board. Hold the top end of the pod with your non-dominant hand and a sharp knife with your dominant hand.

Best way to open the vanilla bean pod

Open the pod with a long, vertical cut through the top layer of the pod. Cut only to the center of the pod, not all the way through it. You want access to the tiny, dense seeds inside. Cut slowly. If the knife slips out of your hand and you cut the extra sheath, rest the knife back on top of your previous cut and continue opening the sheath. Scrape the seeds to remove them. Peel both sides of the vanilla bean outward with the side of the knife blade. Don't use the sharp side, as you don't want to cut into the pod any further.

Use the side of the knife or a small spoon to remove the seeds. Scoop the seeds out of the pod by running the spoon or knife along the inside of one side of the pod.

Finally, it is recommended that you crack open the vanilla bean just before you plan to use the seeds in cooking or baking.

Contact Vanela Organics if you are planning to buy vanilla beans. Our experienced staff will assist you with everything you need to know about the vanilla beans, its uses and the buying process.

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