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Vanilla Beans 16cm to 17cm 1kg

Vanilla Beans 16cm to 17cm 1kg

SKU: 364215376135191

Although similar to their 15cm Grade A counterpart, these 17cm beans are longer and thicker in the center thus yielding even more "caviar" from each bean. These are generally sold in larger volumes to gourmet and pastry chefs around the world for use in a professional setting and are typically not available for home consumption. At TMP we strive to share our enthusiasm for vanilla with the world and reserve a certain portion of these from each of our harvests specifically for smaller volume sales to make our highest quality product available for all to experience.


This exclusive and fragrant Grade A vanilla is produced at the heart of the Ecuadorian tropical rain forest. The aroma that detaches from this beans makes them unique; their predominant chocolate and anise notes will make of your desserts and gourmet dishes an unforgettable experience. 


The Vanella Organics recommends that once the package is opened keep it in a dry and fresh space, away from the light.

Beans measure 17cm with a moisture content of 25% - 30%

Vainas de vainilla grado A de 17 cm.

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